Women’s Circle on Dec. 16, 2019

Hello my beautiful Friends!!! 

What would it look like if you:

  • Accessed your full feminine power?
  • Carved out a time once or twice monthly to refuel, and refresh? 
  • To share valuable conversation, get to know new people, and have some FUN?

What would it feel like to:

  • Take care of yourself as you have taken care of others?
  • To have your soul acknowledged and nourished by women who are also on this path?
  • To have a safe place to share your experience, strength, vulnerability, and compassion?

Let’s discover this, and more…. TOGETHER.

There is a collective power to heal and change when women gather in circle. 

I have had the pleasure in the last year and a half, since my retirement from public education, to train and be certified in Women’s Personal Renewal Circles, with internationally recognized Life Balance Coach Renee Trudeau.

I have completed facilitator training with Tanya Lynn, the visionary founder of Sistership Circle My hope is that you will come away from these  powerful meetings, feeling refreshed, connected, grounded and steeped in the magic of SELF CARE and FEMININE CONNECTION.

I’ve been leading circles in my home and now feel the call to move my reach to a more spacious environment. Mary Malloy of Wild At Heart Studio in Ayer has recently opened her doors, and I am thrilled to hold my gatherings there. please check out her site for yoga, Reiki, Sound Baths, Tai Chi and more more.

On this site, I hope to be posting links to inspirational stories, share my own personal struggles and growth and offer opportunities for women to gather and grow.

LOVE….. Cheryl